A breath of fresh air. Sunshine on your face. Blissful moments of stillness in an ever-changing world. Sun and Soul Collective is an open invite to those in search of these moments, from a twenty-something who is slowly (but surely!) discovering them herself. It will encourage, welcome and support you to slow down, find balance and cultivate peace and clarity, no matter what age or stage of life you’re in.

Hi, I’m Alyssa!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve relied on the restorative power of writing to cultivate clarity, grace and inner peace. Writing helps me reconnect to my soul and clear the gray thoughts clouding my mind, opening it up to the sun. So, two years ago, when I found myself in a state of constant anxiety, starting every day already drained, battling chronic illness, and feeling disconnected from the world around me, there were two things that turned it around for me: 1.) developing a regular, daily, diverse self-care practice and 2.) writing and journaling throughout the process. And thus, Sun and Soul Collective was born. An open, public journal about a journey towards wellness, self-discovery, and caring for your mental health.

Latest from the Blog

The Emotion Monster

In real time, it’s Halloween weekend. So everywhere I go, I’m seeing ghosts and skeletons and all kinds of monsters. But today we’re talking about a monster that shows its face year round. I’m calling him the Emotion Monster. You know, the one that looms over your shoulder on those rough days. Or the one…

Unlocking the Power of Cultivating your Own Peace

Life moves fast – like really fast. And it doesn’t slow down. Even when your body needs a break. Even when your mental health isn’t at it’s best. Even when you don’t have nearly enough time to balance everything at once, it just keeps moving. And sometimes I find that I’m not able to keep…

Chronic Illness and the Crucial Act of Connecting with your Body

I will never have this version of me again. Let me slow down and be with her. Rupi Kaur The most important and pivotal change I’ve made in this life has been establishing a practice of connecting with my body. The last few years really threw me out of whack – I was dealing with…

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