Introduction to Sun & Soul Collective

Wherever you go, the sun and the soul will follow. 

Hi, I’m Alyssa – and I’m so glad you’re here. When I decided to start a blog, I was afraid no one would read it (and also afraid that people would read it), so thanks for proving me wrong.  Blogging is the next step in my journey of growth, connection and empowering myself to use my voice. So, yes, I did this for me, but I also did this for us – and here’s why:

I’ll start out by saying I’m shamelessly nostalgic. I have always loved looking back on parts of my life, remembering how I felt about something, how things played out, looking back on the lessons I’ve learned since then. So, it wasn’t a suprise when I found myself journaling right before New Years Eve about the year I’d had. This is something I’ve done for many years, but this year it was different. This year I had so much to write about. 

I know I’m not the only one to say that 2020 was a year. Yes, it was the year of a global pandemic, political unrest, and being stuck at home. But it was also the year I was diagnosed-but-not-officially-diagnosed with a chronic illness (it’s complicated, as chronic illnesses are) and the year that I dug deep into some really difficult things like grief, trauma and mental health. But it was also the year of some really beautiful things, like clarity, healing and growth.

Throughout this journey, I knew two things to be true; the sun would continue to rise on my toughest days and no matter how out-of-touch I felt with myself, my soul kept me from straying too far. 

This has been my constant reminder, both in processing the state of the world, and in processing physical and mental trauma. This is what reminds me to lean into the sun; the warmth, the good, the hope. And what encourages me to dig deep into the soul; the true, the whole, the vulnerable. 

I promise I’m not here to tell you that “looking on the bright side” will solve all your problems. No, there’s much more to it than that. Along with working with a therapist, I dug into the teachings of the enneagram to examine my needs and patterns. I picked up my journal when my thoughts felt cloudy or confusing. I moved my body when I felt tense and mentally drained. I learned to identify what drained my energy and what fueled it. Then I reshaped my thoughts, actions and intentions to serve my individual needs – and what a difference it made. 

Once again, I’m not here to tell you that keeping a diary and doing yoga are going to solve all your problems. Realistically, they wouldn’t, because you and I are different people, meaning we have different needs. Our restorative practice is going to look different based on our individual needs. 

So, instead of telling you what to do, I want to encourage you to figure it out for yourself. I want you to know that you aren’t stuck; that clarity is within reach. I want to tell a story that so many others can relate to. I want to help others awaken to a narrative that exists within themselves. 

Sun and Soul Collective is for us. By definition, a collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by a common interest or work together to achieve a common objective. Sun and Soul Collective is a community that encourages its members to dig deep into their soul and establish a restorative practice that centers us to our purpose, allowing us to shine as who we are. 

As someone who is new to this whole “blogging” thing; I’ll end with a few promises to myself and to you; I promise to be fully myself, to share the big, vulnerable things, but to share the small, silly things as well. I promise to foster a community that feels as warm and welcoming as a ray of sun; and I promise that my words will come truly and authentically from my soul. 

Thanks for being here. Let’s get started.

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